Just upgraded to HitFilm 4 Pro Thanksgiving Bundle

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Just upgraded to Hitfilm pro 4 with the stock footage bundle. I just hope black Friday brings great deals on Msi 980ti graphics cards....


  • Triem23
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    Bizkit, I recommend not upgrading your GPU now. 

    Nvidia claims their 2016 cards will have 10 times the performance of the 2015 cards. Those are due for release at end a January. 


  • Hey thanks for the advice Triem, I think I'll wait for January 2016  before upgrading then...

  • AlfredoParker
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    HI There

    Can you tell me what the best graphics card is for HITFILM Pro 4 is?

    How are the Nvidia Quadro M4000 cards doing with this software?

  • Hey AlfredoParker I'm sure Triem23 will know about Nvidia Quadro M4000 cards, and their abilities with Hitfilm Pro 4 software.

  • MichaelJames
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    @Triem23 they might have 10x the power but first they will be at the all new high price point.  Also, how much of that power will hitfilm make use of if Hitfilm is only OpenFX and doesn't use cuda.  Right now I have a EVGA GTX 780 SC.  I am considering trying to get a second one(not that hitfilm makes use of it) but it will help with some other programs and definitely with games.

  • Triem23
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    @MichaelJames, but when tgr new model comes out, the older ones tend to drop in price. Bizkit is already aiming for a 980, so, sale or not, he's certainly willingwilling to spend some money. If the Pascal cards come out at too a price, the Maxwells will still drop a hundred bucks, which is probably better than a Black Friday sale--and there will be Valentine/President's Day sales, so I think it's still worth the wait. Yeah, Hitfilm won't use CUDA, but the faster clock and memory bus on the Pascals will still lead to performance increase. :-) 

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    Not to mention AMD Arctic Islands R 400 series stuff is on the way soon too which will put even more pressure towards lower prices on current hardware.

    And yeah CUDA can be nice but "Open" does mean open standard so things like OpenCL and Vulkan performance will be more and more important going forward.

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    One note is that we don't actively support Quadro cards. HitFilm is very much geared towards consumer hardware rather than workstation stuff.

  • I just got the Pro 4 Thanksgiving bundle about 3 hours ago and get continual Open GL errors. It shuts down the moment I put my first clip into the timeline. Any suggestions. Tech support wont get back to me till Monday or tuesday and have a project I would like to complete before then if possible.

  • Triem23
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    Cpu, gpu, os, ram, please? 

    Your drivers are up to date, you have Quicktime installed, and you've turned off anivirus? Those are the first troubleshooting steps.