Cookinator is back! Just wish I could speed up productions

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So the Cook it now! with the Cookinator is back with another episode.


I've realized Ive set many goals, Hitfilm helps, but I'm still not reaching the deadlines. First, it was 1 episode per week, (fail) then I aimed for 1 every two weeks (fail). Now I realize it has to be 1 per  month.

The problem, each episode gets more complex as I explore more of what Hitfilm can do.

Sadly 1 per month isn't good for a youtube channel to keep your viewers interest.  But I have been thinking of adding some new series, with no visuals fx. just basic cooking, as myself rather than a character... so that every week a simple episode and a cookinator 1 every month?

I think that may work...


I hope I haven't  annoyed anyone  my posts when I do a new episode but after the time it takes I like to share.

This episode I used the Caustic fx for a nice Ice/frozen look. The Glitch transitions from Red Giant, as well as the holomatrix fx.

Hitfilm's cinefilm grading as always. Iclone for the robot animation and Hitfilm for all editing.

 I also have settled on a new name for all my Visual Fx work

Film Tricks & Illusions


HitFilm Team:

a wish feature for hitfilm would be more audio tools, or if not, the option to export all audio as a wav to edit in another app then bring back for final mix...





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    How about "Recipes with Reece?" The Cookinator spinoff with John Connor's dad? You're still in the Cookinator world, you can do similar gags--like shooting head-down, but in fatigues--but these would be "VFX-Lite" shows, because you can drop the HUD and other elements, and, since Kyle Reese has been played by so many actors, use your own voice and save on dubbing time, yes? 

    Cookinator Presents Recipes with Reece? 

    Get a female actor/chef for the "Saute with Sarah" show? 

    Anyway, just a thought. Again, that's just a way to cut down tech elements while keeping your concept intact. Plus, potential crossover episodes! Two chefs, no heads! :-) 

    Btw, I literally laughed aloud at the Lightsabe--sorry "Laser Sword" (in Hitfilm) gag. And my wife cursed me, because she found herself randomly saying "Get to duh CHOPPAH!" for the next hour. 

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    Or have Sarah as the Sous Chef to Reece. She can hand you all the ingredients Vanna White style.

    Yeah, I can see where the effects would start to eat up production time and interfere with deadlines. If one a week is your goal then 2 types of shows is a good idea.

    The light sword was excellent!

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    @WishingStaffStudios - great episode!  I wanted to see how Cookinator was able to turn himself back on again.

    Your effects are getting better and better.  Which of course, is why they are so time consuming, but the effort shows through.

    Good luck with your spin off.  I think Triem had a couple of good ideas there.

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    Thanks for all the positive comments as usual. Just begun work on the next episode...... with Hitfilm 4!

    Still trying to sort the other show ideas out!