Introduction and wishes

Hello everybody!
Let me introduce myself. My name is Wolfgang, I live in Austria and I make films for 12 years. Mostly I get filmed

Material from friends and acquaintances. From this material, that sometimes is four to ten hours, is then a 30

up to 60 minutes of film arise.

My NLE is from the start MAGIX currently in version Pro X5.
My second program for long or longer films, movies over 120 minutes is Lightworks Pro in version 12.5.

The hit movie Pro program I have used a week, and have intensively occupied myself with it. Have quite a few

Read forum messages and found that there many users with the operation of the program is similar as me.

I only wish:
1) presentation, labeling and zoom in and zoom out of the Timeline:
- With shortcuts (1, 5, 10 frames 1, 5, 10 seconds, 1, 5, 10 minutes) and
- Continuously with mouse wheel
2) individual objects and multi-track Ripple:
Activation or deactivation with shortcuts and mouse
Property Ripple: The selected object is but verschoben- eh available
Multitrack ripple: All objects that will be below and to the right of the selected object is moved with
Einspurripple: All objects are right nebem, the selected object will be moved to
3) Free keyboard mapping of all functions, all available shortcut should be free, except for F1 and Escape
3) If. In a number field, such as in "Layer Plane Transform position" an existing number is changed, then you can not just change a number of them
One can in the number 298.3 not only the two click and change to 398.3, otherwise after leaving the field from: 3983.00
Having to solve 4) Full Picture of Trimmer and Viewer without the window

Activation or deactivation with shortcuts and mouse

Can be 5) markers for the timeline set the shortcuts, delete, labeled and selected.

I am currently working on a four-hour long wedding film (explicit customer request). The source material is 23 hours, to 1 200 photos, was filmed with four cameras.

Hit movie I need for creating own VFX.
But I would also like to use it to cut and assemble, but I think I'll wait a bit.

If anything is unclear, please just ask.
Google helps translate.

If this is not the right thread, please move.




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    movieartist wow that is a lot of footage. Having been a wedding photographer for a friend once, I know the pressures involved and I decided there and then, it was not something I wanted to do professionally. Hitfilm will be great for the VFX and you can use it for editing the video, but 24hrs of footage is going to take some planning, you may need to break it down into chapters and then string them all together at the end. Whatever ever software you use it is going to be a serious task.

  • Thank you for your comments.

    And thank'm almost fertig.  War in the run-up quite a challenge:

    If you're interested:

    From the 24 hours were three films:

    At the first I have all bad and unusable material removed.and then:

    4 hours:          only for the wedding couple as a reminder
    90 minutes:  only for family and best friends
    7 minutes:     for online Video (Youtube or Vimeo)

    Had about 50 scenes and an equal number of partial films. Which were then joined together to form 10 partial films. Then each about 1 hour 50 minutes for a DVD.

    In the second step was then made of the 4 hours a 90 minutes movie,
    In the third section of the 90 minutes a 7 minutes movie.

    Hitfilm is a great toll for me to make mx own VFX. but this time I have a windows tablet, it works fine. It's ok for me to learn Hitfilm, but not to great a movie.  But to make small VFX it's enough.

    The first programming rule that had I learned helped me a lot  share and  eign. 




  • And now I have finished the trailer from the wedding movie. 

    24 hours source material are now reduced to 8 minutes.

    If you want you can watch here:

    Happy watching