Need help with a moving fire effect?

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He typed some codes at 13:30 and then the top of fire moves slower than its bottom. How can I do this in HitFilm?


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    Well, the bad news is that Hitfilm 3 lacks both a "Bender" effect and Expressions (The numbers Tobias at Surfaced Studios typed were part of an Expression--a form of automation Hitfilm doesn't have.)

    Here's the good news--first off, if you're in Hitfilm 3 Pro, or have Hitfilm 3 Express with the Destruction Pack, you have a whole different way about creating this effect without using stock footage. You can use Hitfilm's procedural Fire effect instead. For a good overview on doing a flaming hand effect, Simon Jones created this tutorial for Hitfilm Ultimate 2--and, aside from the changes in the look of the interface, everything works in exactly the same way in Hitfilm 3!

    Another option in HF3 Pro or HF3 Express with the Particle Pack is to use a particle fire preset, or modify/build your own. in this case you could set the emitter position to be parented to your main tracking point and you're done! Physics takes care of the rest.

    If you really want to use the stock footage method, then you're going to have to do a little bit of work. Follow the steps of Tobias's tutorial up to, and including copying and offsetting the tracked point (null). Instead of the "Bender" Effect he uses, in Hitfilm you're going to use the BULGE effect. The Bulge effect works in a different way from AE's Bender, but it's going to end up giving a similar look. In the Bulge effects, twirl down the Center controls for the Bulge and set Use Layer to your offset tracked point. This is going to center the effect on the bulge on the point. The edge of the bulge should now be pushing your flame sideways. Sorry, since I'm not looking at your shot I can't give you setting for Bulge and Radius. However, Plateau should be set to 0. At this point you're going to have to manually keyframe the bulge and radius amounts. You'll want a higher bulge and radius when your flame is moving faster, and a 0 bulge and radius amount when the flame is basically still.


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    (y) (y) (y) HitFilm is so powerful! Thanks for your help @Triem

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