Hitfilm 2 Express rendering extremely slowly

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I'll just get to the point. I have a ~57GB clip to render, which is ~37 minutes in length. The render time at 1080p 60fps was well over 4 days. I left it rendering overnight, and sure enough it was still going, around 4 days left till finish. I know a clip that size at that length would take a while to render, but I don't believe it should take that long...

I know that Hitfilm is a GPU based editor, so I think the issue is that it's not using up all or most of my GPU's horsepower. 

 Here's the jist of my system specs: Intel i5 3570K overclocked to 4.3GHz, AMD R9-290, and 16GB of RAM at 1866MHz.

And yes, I have tried reinstalling Hitfilm. Did not help. Any ideas on how to fix this?


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    What have you done to the clip inside of HitFilm, in terms of effects and adjustments? What format and codec is the source clip in?

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    I haven't done anything. I just threw the clip in  Hitfilm and clicked render. 

    The source clip is an AVI file. It's a game recording.

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    Ime hitfilm has slow encoding power. I'm using hitfilm 3 pro so I'm sure hf2 is not using a drastically different encoder.
    Gpu acceleration is only useful for some applied effects. For pure encoding its cpu and hf is not fast compared to other appz. It doesn't use all cores all the time during encoding. I posted this already in another thread.

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    If it's a game recording, something frim a program like FRAPS, then it's probably a funky compressed codec with a variable frame rate, which is going to slow down any NLE or transcoder. 

    Than said , Hitfilm isn't the fastest and rendering. For something like transcode of game vids, I recommend MPEG Streamclip. It's free, has more encode options than Hitfilm, and it's specifically optimized to do nothing but convert video, so it's going to be faster. That said, a 37 min game vid will take a while. 

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    Yeah for simple conversion I found Anyvideoconverter is the fastest encoder.

  • Thank you! I'll have to try out those programs.

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