Another before & after


  • JPS333
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    @StephansBilderwelt That's so cool! Did you use Hitfilm for the VFX? 

  • KirstieT
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    Storm Trooper riding a bike cracked me up!
    On a serious note, the VFX here looks brilliant - I especially love the TIE Fighters coming through the smoke - the lighting there is brilliant! Congrats :)

  • Triem23
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    That is some seriously good compositing. What did you grab stock footage and shoot the Stormtroopers on greenscreen? I would have assumed you just shot actors on set if there wasn't a before and after staring me in the face!

    The city destruction shots and the stuff with ships and lasers and explosions is all good, but, since we KNOW that didn't happen they still read as VFX, but just something unobtrusive like the trooper on the bike, or PUTTING HIS ARM AROUND THE GIRL! is the best kind of VFX work. It just looked right.

    I'm *#&*ing impressed.

  • BriRedd
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    Thanks for sharing, that was fun to watch. Great job!

  • StephansBilderwelt
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    You are all very kind......but this is not done by me, I just shared it. Please let the guys know that they did a great job by visiting there YouTube channel.

    ......I would be happy if I could only do one little think close enough as they did!