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Greetings all,

From today, May the 1st, 2015, I'm starting an everyday project. Inspired by a talk I saw that Beeple did, I figured I should really do that too. Basically, create something new everyday and post it online. 

Now, since I've never used HitFilm as much as I should have in the past, I decided it would be best to dedicate everyday of at least this first month, to learning it. Here's my first video from today. I do all my own music too.


More details on my blog here too - http://avene.org/avene-bottle-beats-everyday-1/

I was really lazy with this one. Just a singe shot of a bottle with Atomic particles over the top, some sun flare, fake motion, and a masked our copy of the bottle that moves forward and back. No motion tracking or any of that fancy stuff.. which I still need to learn properly. 

My biggest problem with HitFilm though is the lack of export options. Since I always render my videos to a master format from Sony Vegas, which is normally a Cineform avi file or sometimes MXF, the sole MP4 and Uncompressed AVI options in HitFilm are actually pretty useless to me. So I rendered out the footage as a .png sequence, which I later loaded into Vegas, and added a few extra edits to the music there. Although only used Hitfilm plugins including the motion trails plugins. I only have Vegas 12, so can't access HitFilm Pro from there. 

So that's it.. Posting here as another way of keeping myself accountable to make sure I continue working on these projects everyday. 

By the way, my wife is doing this too, so I'll try and get her to post her work here too. 


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    Just finished my day 3 video here.. Day 2 I actually ended up editing in Vegas, although I did use a couple of HitFilm plugins. It's on my website if anyone wants to check. 

    But here's day 3.. All done in HitFilm  Pro. Loosely based on John's Energy Sphere tutorial on Vimeo. I added an environment here though, and animated the camera rotation. There's a few fx too.. Just experimenting.