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Why didn't anyone tell the buyers of Hitfilm 3 Pro.

They have a 5 hour course...



PS. Hitfilm Devs.. you should create an email list of your clients and send them links or notices of these types of extremely helpful things to enhance your product relationships.




  • Triem23
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    I don't work for FxHome but I have two observations. 

    First, this thread from two weeks ago.:


    And, this thread:


    Second observation: There is an email list for a newsletter. However, for my money I am glad that we don't get too many email notices, unlike how some companies such frequent emails that I stopped reading them. 

    Finally  I looked at the preview chapters of the lynda course. Looks pretty good. 

  • microtogo
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    Yes, I wouldn't doubt this post is a duplicate, and thanks for pointing out the obvious......

    Two things are for sure when posting in the forum.

    1) A troll will make the first comment.

    2) The post is a duplicate - because it's so infrequent most average users login to the forum to check what the company is doing.

    So many more reasons to not bother posting in a forum, than to do so.

    Best wishes... I now have no reason to return.


  • Triem23
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    1) First, let me apologize. I ain't a troll--stick around and you'll find out I am actually one of the most helpful people on the site. In this case I obviously expressed myself poorly. In general, I am always willing to help someone figure out techniques, talk people through effects work, and I have been known to build and upload projects for users to dissect when they are stuck. In the case of your original post, you asked "why didn't anyone tell..." Well, they had. No malice intended in pointing out the other threads. Merely an observation, and a thought you would like to add to a conversation in progress, rather than start a redundant thread. 

    2) After that I expressed an opinion on how Hitfilm sends out newsletters somewhat infrequently (In fact, I got one in my e-mail today). See, when, say Digital Juice sends out an email everyday or twice a day, and it's the same email for a week, you stop paying attention. Since FxHome doesn't spam me, I am happy to see a new email from them.

    Then, I agreed that the Lynda course is pretty neat. Again, no hostility intended. 

    3) Man, if you let my little post drive you away forever, you're missing out. This is a very helpful forum, and I have learned a lot from other users here and some of them have learned something from me. It's very collaborative here, so I genuinely hope you come back, see this comment and stick around. 

    Again, I apologize for coming off trollish.  

  • rgbii
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    I saw this earlier was going to reply, but realized everything I thought of posting wasn't very polite at all.   

    I'm going to assume @microtogo was just having a bad day or something, because on this forum, @Triem23 is whatever the opposite of a troll is.

    There are a lot of helpful people on this forum, but I think most would agree, Triem23 is one of the, if not the, most helpful person here.  Not only does he provide helpful responses, but he always gives plenty of helpful details and links.

    Also, I've re-read this a number of times, and in no way can see how Triem23's first post could be seen as trolling. It was on topic.

    Triem23, I don't see anything that you did that should be apologized for. With maybe one exception here, I think everyone on the forum appreciates the time and effort you put towards this forum.



  • Triem23
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    @rgbii thanks for the kind words. 

    However, you've known me on the forum for a couple of years now, so you're used to my long, rambling answers, and aren't thrown by my occasional short ones.

    @Microtogo came on and said "Wow! Awesome Lynda course, why didn't anyone tell me?" and I gave the internet equivalent of pointing. I can see where he misinterpreted my "Here's a couple of duplicate threads, come join the talk" as "Geez, dumbass, didn't you already see THOSE?" Why? I didn't have my normal three paragraphs of chat. Then his second point was "Man, FxHome should send out more emails!" amd my response was "Dude, I'm glad they don't." Since text-only lacks nuance of tone, expression and body language, I can absolutely see how it came across as shooting down everything he'd said. That's why I apologized. 

    An analogy: we all have friends we say horrible things about, right? Sometimes you can be with your friends and you deliver the good-natured insult because you all know it's joking around, but the new guy is there and thinks you're being cruel and you have to explain it's not? It's a bit like that. I understand this paragraph is vaugely worded since the properly detailed version involves the language I avoid on this forum. 

    It's all cool. That's my last word on the subject other than to restate that I hope microtogo does come back because this is a cool forum, and I get a lot of help and ideas from a lot of people here.

    Heck, I miss Tooshka--I know his brusque nature rubbed some people wrong, but, again, when a question came up he was one of the first ones in with a suggestion or workaround. He knows his stuff and his tutorials and Shatter Maps were great. Despite his occasional grumpiness (or so it seemed) he was an asset to the community. Plus he and MichaelJames had some epic arguments. I dunno, they were funny to me.

  • MichaelJames
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    The opposite of a Troll is a Troll Hunter.  I am a troll hunter.  The over abundance of online trolls has been taxing on the internet.  Now I have a special permit from the government to hunt trolls.   I don't hunt them because I want to... I hunt them because starving trolls turn on themselves and its not pretty.  Now for their protection I hunt them.

  • Aladdin4d
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    @MichaelJames - "Evil Looms, Cowboy Up, Kill It, Get Paid" Monster Hunter International mission statement

  • MichaelJames
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    Tigers love Cinnamon, they hate pepper.  Trolls hate Cillantro but love Parsley. 

  • Aladdin4d
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    Vainly the Troll searched
    For his people, those who knew
    The taste of green soap

  • SimonKJones
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    @microtogo - as is hopefully evident from the subsequent replies, Triem wasn't intending to come across as abrasive. He is a frequent poster and often goes to great lengths to help out new users.

    Hope you enjoy the Lynda course, and that you'll head back this way at some point. It's really a very welcoming and friendly forum. We don't tolerate trolls here.

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