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Hello everyone; I'm a Lightwave user who has had Hitfilm for a while now but up until this point in time I haven't been able to set aside time to begin to learn it. I've downloaded the videos and source files from the learning section, and one of the very first lessons (that I'd very much like to do) doesn't have a link to the source files so that I can follow along. It's a motion-tracked video of riders on bicycles slow motion with chaffe in the air presumably using particles of some description parented to random motion tracker points in 3d space. Can anyone point me to those source files so I can follow along? Thanks in advance; I'm looking forward to cutting my teeth into this software; it looks like allot of fun.

krimpr. :)


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Most of those older tutorials don't have source files available. That particular tutorial does go through step-by-step, though, so if you follow along you will end up with the same effect Simon used for the trailer. The camera tracking isn't covered in the video, but there isn't any parenting. The camera solve means that the camera is moving, not the effect.

    We are trying to include project files with our newer tutorials whenever possible.

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    Aha... well that would explain why I couldn't find them then, huh? Thanks for that Axel. 

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