composite time line /editor time line

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Im wondering how do I get my composite shots to where I can insert them back where I need them to be on the time line ( editor ) ??????


  • AxelWilkinson
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    All of your composite shots are stored in the Media panel. You can drag them onto the Editor and place them wherever you need to.

    Alternately, add the video to the editor first, then right-click to convert it to a comp from the editor, and it will already be in place, and everything you do inside the comp will automatically update to the Editor as well.

  • Thanks Axel....I have been workin with a green screen for a music video so each green screen clip is broken into segments as its shot in order to get various shots of the same particular part in the song...its necessary for me to composite 1st inorder to make the same person appear with himswlf several times in one clip...Thanks for helping me..I didnt know how I to  insert   the final clip back into the timeline of the video........☺✌