How can I create a Timelapse?

Sorry for my bad english...

So, I am new here, so I dont know so mutch...

My Chestion: How can i create a Timelapse in a Clip?


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    If you have the timelapse in form of an image stream, put them all seqentially numbered in a folder, in HitFilm click the little arrow next to "Import..." and select "Image sequence". Then search for the folder on your harddrive. If you have the timelapse already as a quite long video, just drag and drop that into HitFilm.

    From there, to change the speed of the timelapse, you can either change their framerate (in the media panel, right click->properties) or use the speed effect on the clip on the timeline once you've placed it there. For the framerate method, double the framerate will double the speed of the timelapse and vice versa.

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    LRTimelapse is a great tool for timelaps it works in conjunction with lightroom, it really takes timelaps up to a notch.

    i made the scenes for  my venice video with it


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    Since you said you are new here and do not know much I would be happy to give you a very simple breakdown without any complicated terminology.

    Step 1: Shoot your timelapse photos (and make sure you use correct intervals between shots, tons of tutorials online to help out with this) 

    Step 2: On your desktop (or where ever you find useful) create a new folder, title it 'Timelapse' or something else that you will not forget.

    Step 3: Insert your SD card or connect your camera to your PC/Mac and import all those timelapse photos to that new folder we just created. Eject your device/SD card because you will no longer need it.

    Step 4: Start Hitfilm. Select a framerate of 24, 30, or 60, etc for your project (This selection comes down to how you shot your timelapse, i.e. 5 sec intervals exported at 24p is what I use often for cloud movement). 

    Step 5: Select 'Import' and choose "Image Sequence". Now select that folder you initially created. Depending on the size it could take a few moments to combine all your footage together (that is what the program is doing when you selected to import that footage)

    Step 6: Now you will see your timelapse in the media, and you can also preview it prior to an export. Basically it is just like any other video at this point (albeit 

    Step 7: Add the footage to your editor, or create a composite shot with it to add to your editing timeline (If you are using this footage as a sequence in your short film, music video, etc then choose Composite shot).  it is important to do this otherwise you won't be exporting anything in the next step.

    Step 8: Export your video. I have often exported the same timelapse 5 different times, just so I could see the final export and determine what matched my initial goal the best. Somtimes I test different export framrates to export, or vfx and coloring.

    I hope this is useful, it is the same process Robin recommended above, just much more detailed in explanation (since you said you were a new user, I tried to break it down very easy for you). I also made sure to specify how you can use that timelapse individually or as part of your project.

    Oh and lastly if you want, share what you make! I am sure everyone here would like to see it.