Some babysteps with Hitfilm.

Dolores74 Website User Posts: 41

 Editing and compositing is done with Hitfilm.


  • emma24xia
    emma24xia Website User Posts: 85

    Wow, impressive. How did you do that? Maybe some detailed steps could share with me.

  • Triem23
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    Nicely done. Questions: Did you texture and render your car shots in a 3D program and use Hitfilm to do your letterboxing, text overlays and superimpose your "mascot" character, or is the car/landscape actually a Hitfilm render? Either way, you have very nice lighting.

  • Dolores74
    Dolores74 Website User Posts: 41

    The raw footage comes from ‘Blender’ (check it out, make your own 3D model, free 3D program). The car and the mouse are two clips. Moving and scaling Dolores 74 (the mouse) done with hitfilm.

    Tried to import the car 3D model in Hitfilm and make it ride over the landscape but Hitfilm sees every lose part as an object. So it came up with a few dozen objects.

    The rendered footage from ‘Blender’ is always a bit pale. I did some color correcting and other effects with Hitfilm to give it life. The unfocus/focus of ‘La Cat’ in the beginning is Hitfilm. Also all the text and puttings together.

    It is titled ‘Babysteps’ I’m pretty happy to find my way a bit around in Hitfilm. Still trying to find my way in movie making. I think I can do the polishing stuff with Hitfilm. Adding some cool effects to make it come alive.

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