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I created a music video for ELO influenced US band Bubble Gum Orchestra's song Night In Shangri La. I edited the whole thing in Hitfilm 2 and added some effects there also. It's mainly 2D animation with some 3D.

Music Video


  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,153 Ambassador

    Very nice! (although I did not get sound for some reason).  Even without the audio I could follow the story, very bittersweet.   Nicely done!

    Could you share what other packages you used?  Really like the animation and style.

  • Dalemation
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    Thanks Stargazer54. Strange you didn't get sound. i just checked and the sound is there on Vimeo.

    Other packages? I used Anime Studio for all the 2D animation and most backgrounds. Hash Animation:Master for all the 3D.  PDPro Howler for some backgrounds and effects.

    Thanks again for the kind comments.

  • StormyKnight
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    Dalemation - I really enjoyed the vid! Stargazer54  was correct in that it's bitter sweet. Tugs a little at the heart strings.

  • Dalemation
    Dalemation Website User Posts: 30

    Thanks StormyKnight. That's what makes film making so enjoyable isn't it. knowing that you can affect people's emotions even in 4 minutes! Thanks for taking time to comment.

  • jsljustin
    jsljustin Website User Posts: 72

    Very professional indeed! Very good. I think that is one of the best videos I have seen that uses anime studio. I've got it but only tinkered with it. This is an excellent example of what a (skilled user - like you) can do with anime studio.

    Very good video. And I was able to get sound, btw.

  • Dalemation
    Dalemation Website User Posts: 30

    Thanks. Anime Studio is great software. I've heard people say you can only do cut-out style with it but it's just not true. Now it has smart bones you can have a head turn just by rotating a bone. That's what I did. 

    Good to hear you got sound too.


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