Robin Williams - A Tribute

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Don't know how no one here has yet to mention the passing of Robin Williams. Such a fantastic, versatile, and massively talented actor to have lost in such a sad and tragic manner. I wanted to post here and share a few words I wrote, as well as a short tribute video I edited together to honor the late thespians grand catalog of work. If you have a chance, please do check it out.

Robin Williams was a treasure and an icon. A comic genius and an improvisational king. A source of warmth and understanding, of friendliness and outward positivity. A man that left a lasting and important impression with every role he poured himself into.
A man with a sense of both comforting wisdom and childlike wonderment. With the know-how to make you laugh, make you cry, and make you wish he'd never leave and the movie would never end. 
He was the harry-knuckled, kind-voiced man on the screen that always greeted us with a smile. He was familiar to us all. He was our father. He was our crazy uncle. He was our oddball neighbor. Our grounded mentor.


He was our friend.


And whether he knew it or not, he was loved by us all greatly. We'll miss you, Robin. You were a great man and a tremendous, unfathomably, heartbreakingly talented human being. The world is a shade darker without you.


Rest in peace.


  • SimonKJones
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    Nice words and lovely tribute video, Andrew. The best thing is that you've focused on this life, rather than his death - unlike the majority of media reports. 
  • KirstieT
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    I was too sad to post anything :(
    Really the first time I've been truly affected by a 'celebrity' death. I think it's because he reminded me of my dad, and later in life my grandpa. I never met him but always felt like he was 'part of my life' (without sounding weird). 
    But really the fact that he was essentially my childhood, being in movies like 'Hook' (favourite childhood film hands down), Jumanji and Jack to name a few. And then later on World's Greatest Dad.
    He was so much to so many people and you've really done a lovely tribute here Andrew :)
  • StormyKnight
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    I will definitely miss Robin. I first new him as Mork from Ork on Happy Days, then on Mork and Mindy. His vast body of work is as diverse as the year is long.  An amazing actor that will sorely be missed.
    I can not find any info on this clip- it's obviously from one of Carol Burnett's variety shows circa mid to late 1970s (which was always a fun show). I looked everywhere I could think of and tried every search but Robin must have been left unaccredited regarding his appearence here.
    What's cool is Carol let Robin improvise through a second run of the skit. She obviously saw the talent embodied in, at the time, the young comedian.

    Nice tribute, Andrew!
  • Ben
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    StormyKnight, that clip is from a 1987 special with Carol Burnett, Carl Reiner and Whoopi Goldberg.
  • luxgud
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    He was also a great stand-up comedian ... one of the best ever.
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