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Leslie Owiti
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Hey, my name is Leslie Owiti from Nairobi kenya. Im working on a 3d project titled save the wildlife and i have this really heavy scene involving a court yard and 3d characters in the scene.
Heres my challenge. Due to the nature of the scene i decided to render the background and actual animation separately and was planning on tracking the animation into the scene using mocha. I tried but its geting all distorted any tips on what i could be doing wrong? thanks.
N/b the background is a jpeg sequence and the animation is a png sequence.


  • GKDantas
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    I didnt get the point... when we create a 3D scene we render a lot of planes separated, but everything need o be done using the same base. Its something like create almost everything in the shot and them turn off some elements and render again and again, and those planes are composed in something like HF.
    Maybe you need to post some examples so we can see whats is wrong
  • Mandalorian
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    Like GK said, some examples could help us understand what the issue is.
    From what I understand, you could try turning off everything except for translation in the mocha tracking controls.  If you really need rotation and scale, you can turn those on and find a better planar tracking position.  A screenshot showing what you're tracking currently as well as your tracking settings would also help.
  • rgbii
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    As has been said, some examples would be nice, but I do have one tip. Always try to track a plane in Mocha as close as possible to the position your 3D object will be and be sure to export these and use the associated points for your objects.  This tends to be much more stable that using a point farther from your objects placement, where slight errors turn into bigger errors.
  • Triem23
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    I think the problem is that you've rendered you BG as an image sequence and your animation as an image sequence. This means that once you've tracked your background, you're adding a 2D layer into a simulated 3D space. You won't be able to match your animation to your BG with that workflow.
    You might want to try using the built-in two-point tracker in Hitfilm to align your BG and animations.