Harry Potter VS Star Wars

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Please vote before you watch!

These guys did a great job! It felt longer than 3 minutes 'cause I got all caught up in it!



  • CalebK
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    Lols that was epic!!! How did they do the bookcase falling... the force stuff... and the table crash?
    My only complaint is that HP didn't use any good spells.... What about incendio, arresto momentum, avis, confringo.... any one of those could end him.... and delitrious would disenigrate his lightsaber..  oh well sometimes star wars fans are blind.
  • KirstieT
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    Ha ha that was brilliant! Nice use of comedy and the effects were great!
    I'm disappointed by Harry's performance - I'm like Caleb - I feel he could have used some better spells. Stick an Avada Kedavra curse in there and it'd be over in a few seconds!
    I bet they're going mental as well - by the looks of their YouTube channel their videos usually reach about 500,000 views, but this is 3 million and climbing :)
    Thanks for sharing StormyKnight - good way to start the day.
  • mark_e
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    That's class, really good job kept me engaged for 3 mins that's more than most things in life  :P 
  • Triem23
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    That was fun!
    (Obviously the creators are more Star Wars fans)
    (Oh, man that one sequence with a major 180degree violation... Flip one of those shots!)
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  • StormyKnight
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    Glad ya'll enjoyed the vid.
    I agree that HP should have tried a few more tricks up his sleave but hey- we're talking two different universes here.
    I loved when Anakin (I presume that's Anakin due to the SW music soundtrack used and the quick conversion to the 'dark side' and the hair braid) says to Harry,"You were supposed to destroy the Sith not join them!" and Harry's reply,"What the f are you talking about?" :)) Perfect.
    Caleb- The tricks with the force stuff i.e. dishes, book case & dry wall, could have easily been done with fishing line pulling the objects. You'd have to be willing to destroy them I suppose. Not saying that's how they did it but it doesn't look like there's digital manipulation in those scenes, plus, they go so fast even stopping the vid doesn't reveal anything. If there are digital fx in those scenes- they did it masterfully. When HP pulls the sword out of the bag I don't see any digital effect either but reason dictates there had to be something.
    Kirstie- You're welcome. I like starting the day with a laugh or two myself. 3.7 million hits and counting......they just posted it 2 days ago!!!!!
    mark_e- Are you a fan or member of "short attention span theater"? ;) 
    T23- Yup- probably more SW fan than HP. I must be missing the 180 degree violation- which part do you mean?
    I wonder what the neighbors thought looking out the window and seeing two guys in the street going through the motions with no fx. :P 
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    Then again in the books.... The people don't use the right spells at the right time either...