"Epic Battle" first edit

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This was my first time editing anything with special effects. Not the best work because the people in the video wanted for me to put it togeather in a couple of hours but here it is.


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    Question have you ever heard of a device called a tripod? :)) You can get a cheap on for least then 20 dollar. :))
    Ok that's enough of me making fun of it. :D/ Even those U chould make fun of the shaky cam all day.
    It's way stupid but Ok. :D/ The shaky camera was really my biggese problem with the video. There was a scene where I thought the shaky camera worked but only for that scene. ( 2:37 to 2:41)
    If you buy a gorilla tripod. It will help to stabilized the camera a little with shooting hand-held. Trust me
  • I told our filmer to bring his but he forgot and forgot a lot of things. One of the guys for the video was going to leave for college soon so we had not choice but to film that day. We did the best with what we had. But thanks for the feedback.
  • The actors have good voice :)
    You will have to learn a lot :) (so do I)
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    Did you do this with hit film, needs motion tracking to make it smoother