My latest video - "Beachclubbing"

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I know this is a bit different to the usual thing that gets posted on HitFilm, but I thought I'd share it anyway. As some of you know, I'm the Preditor for Defected Records, a dance music record label - and the latest episode of our Clubland Adventures series is all about outdoor clubbing.

As usual, its shot on my trusty Canon 60D, using mainly a Tamron zoom lens, a 50mm 1.4 prime and a Tamron wide lens. I think this episode has some of my best cinematography / videography - the trip to Bali was an excellent chance to get some really different footage from what I usually shoot. I came back with TONS of rushes, so I might have to make a longer edit of some of the cool things I saw in Indonesia.
Anyhow, I'm happy to answer any questions, and I'd love to hear any feedback :)


  • DanielMorgan
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    I like the dutch tilts ;) Well Edited , good quality and very good coverage. Liking the Depth of field on the dj shots. Really good stuff
  • Arktic
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    Thanks for the feedback, Daniboy!
    The dutch stuff is partly as a style choice (I've always been fond of a wonky shot) - but it's also partly due to practicality. When I'm shooting handheld at some of these locations, mainly in nightclubs, it's basically impossible to wear a rig/shoulder mount, and a tripod is basically out of the question. Because of that, it's really hard to do handheld zooms without the shot getting extremely wobbly. What I've found is that if I hold the camera dutch, and then twist both the barrel AND the camera in opposite directions, the torque of the movement holds the camera much steadier than if I tried to do a straight zoom.
    Plus it's somewhat become a bit of a trademark now, though I am conscious that I've been shooting a LOT of dutch angle stuff!
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