I don't know how well you can answer

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Blender or anime studio. Blender is free but it's 3d so you have to create all aspects, 360 degrees. Anime studio is 299$ or less(with amazon prime) but it's 2d so you just have to worry about one side of the character


  • KirstieT
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    I think it really depends on what you want to do with it. 
    Blender is obviously really, really powerful and free (bonus!) but it'll produce completely different things to Anime Studio. 
    On another note, as far as I understand it, both export file formats that are supported by HitFilm (e.g. MOV. files and image files like JPG. and PNG) which is good.
    I'm sure other people will have much more detailed advice as I've only used Blender, but really it does depend on what you want to produce with it. 
  • rgbii
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    If you're willing to spend the money on Anime Studio, why not both?    It's always nice to have a good selection of tools available so you can pick the one that's best for the job.
    Even though blender is free, since it does so much, it does require an investment of time to get decent at it, however, there are a lot of nice (both free and paid) tutorials out there, you just have to be careful and pay attention to the different versions.
    Have fun :)