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I know this is not the Vegas forum, but there are a lot of Vegas users here so...
I avoid using keyframes in Vegas because the are not intuitive an a pain to use. I've gotten myself into an annoying problem. Against my better judgement I tried keyframing in the pan/crop window. Now vegas is automatically adding keyframes to anything and everything that is keyframable. How do I stop this? How do I turn of keyframes in general? I'm not really finding an answer to this on the web.
Vegas 11 is what I'm using.
*I figured it out. It's a convoluted pain in the butt.*


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    Curious what method you found :)
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    In Vegas, after version 10 they changed effects to individual parameter keyframes instead of global keyframes. There's this funny little "stopwatch" icon to activate keyframes. For pan/crop, there's an auto-keyframe toggle. It's a tiny green button and hard to find.
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