The Garden - Canon 5D 3 Raw Module

Hey everyone,
After quite a while of reading and various private tests, I decided to give the RAW module on magic lantern's Canon 5D3 hack a proper little movie. 
The grading results are incredible, and would be great for those that key a lot of their footage. If you happen to have a 5D3 (and other cameras that can run magic lantern raw), I recommend you check this out and do your own tests. The amount of detail I was able to pull out is incredible.
Of course, hacking your camera voids your warranty, so please be aware of this and follow the instructions carefully. There's plenty of tutorials on the magic lantern forum. 
Now that Hitfilm 2 is on the mac, I plan on shooting some extra stuff, as well as using the original DNGs from this and seeing what I can do.
Anyhow, enjoy:
Goa. Thailand. Dubai. Oman.
This is The Garden.
Shot over the span of a few weeks during the summer using Magic Lantern's incredible 5D3 RAW Module, the short film gives a good idea of what can be achieved in different locations, different climates and different lenses.
Majority of the grading is done in Davinci Resolve 9, with minor adjustments in FCPX. Most of it is handheld and shot on the cinemascope ratio in order to fit the data buffer onto slower cards.
Original music by lliirk, with mixing by Jimmy Reid.
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Some quality is lost on vimeo, so here is a link to a higher quality version: