New Zombie Short Film Inspired by The Walking Dead

Hello everyone. We are big fans of the Walking Dead just as many of you might be. We were inspired to create our own short film inspired by the Walking Dead. In this new generation, a young leader by the name of Clarissa is left to lead the group of teenagers her age as well as others that fall into their lives. The group encounter enemies that are not just the dead. The Apocalypse has revolved around everyone, no matter of the age. The group faces new threats, the wisdom of the leader is question and a new unimaginable circumstance falls into play. We introduce our creation of the Hybrid, who is half human and half Carrier, otherwise known as a zombie. Could he be more than just a Hybrid? Or could there be more to the endurance of his life and why he lives being both? Stay tuned and find out!
Although the short film may still be in production, we have created a pre-trailer to give you the style of the film
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  • KirstieT
    KirstieT Posts: 1,282 Staff
    The premise of this looks great - the makeup is really well done and you seem (by the description you've given) to have a really good plot line planned, as well as a detailed and convincing environment to work with. When is the full film expected to be done and how long do you reckon it'll be?
    The one thing I would say that struck me from the trailer is that you have quite poor audio quality. The sound is very muffled - both from the narrator's voice and the music. I would worry that this, if carried on into the film, would result in potentially bigger problems - e.g. when they are running away or have lines to say out in windy conditions, you may lose a lot more of that quality. 
    If it is a low-budget movie that you're making, it may not be a possibility to get some decent audio equipment, but I really personally think that your clips would benefit from you getting a mic or two. It would raise the whole bar of the project to have clear sound. 
    That said, it looks like you guys are on a really interesting path with this. Kudos!
  • Thank you KirstieT for your comment, I really appreciate it. We are currently in Pre-Production, and planning on crowd funding this short film on kick starter during the month of January. Shooting will begin in February, and the film approximately will be release between the months of March and April. The short film is expected to be from 20 to 25 minutes.
    Yes I have noticed that the trailer is muffled, and I am wondering why that is too because during the editing process, it was not like this. I believe my editing program or youtube itself compressed the audio without my knowledge. We actually did not shoot sound for this film due to the limited sound in the canyon. The canyon was very popular. We most likely will find another place to film. Yes this is low budget, but if we are funded then we will buy the proper equipment needed. We currently own a Canon Eos Rebel T2i which we shot the short film with, a H4n Zoom mic, Reflectors, etc.
    When shooting a movie, I know that sound is one of the most important things and can determine a film is amateur or not. So I assure you the Full Short Film will not be like this.