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Hi there,
I'm a new user, going to use Hitfilm on a short project tomorrow but i will have limited time to complete it and have a workflow question. It will be around a 4 minute clip, quicktime, h264. In a few shots i'll cut on the timeline and send the frames i need as a composite shot for a few fx, some rig removal mainly, maybe a little particle work. Afterwards i'd like to divide the clip up by scene only for a little grading. Is there a way to bring in the original clip, slice it up by scene, apply my grade but somehow apply to the clip to the track with the fx work on it? Otherwise the only option i see is to apply my effects, export a sequence, re-import and grade.
Hope that makes sense.


  • AxelWilkinson
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    There are a few options, if I understand you correctly. First, if you add a grade layer to the top of any composite shot, and apply your grade effects to the grade layer, everything below that layer will be affected.  Second, of you have all the clips on the Editor, then apply the grading on the Editor, then everything will be affected.  Keep in mind that you can't keyframe any grading effects if you are using them on the Editor, so if you need to keyframe the values, then you will probably want to go with the grade layer option.
  • Thanks for that Axel. I guess what i'm asking is from an organizational angle, as i like to be super organized. If my clips has four scenes that need a separate grade, i can slice it up by scene and grade it that way. I will be cutting my clip up though not based on grading but compositing. I understand i could further cut the clip for grading, select multiple clips in each scene and grade that way. As i mentioned i could do all my comping work, export it as sequence, import it and then slice it up for grading. I just wanted to have a way of avoiding exporting the sequence and keeping the timeline neat for the grade. ADHD is my excuse :-)
  • I suppose the other way of looking it is if i have one scene that needs graded separately but it's sliced up in to three sections as i had wire removal to do on a small portion of the scene, i can't then afterwards select all three in the edit timeline and apply a grade. well i can but i need to adjust each clip individual and make sure i apply the same settings for each.
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Neither one of the options I suggested above requires any exporting.  Also, if you grade the first clip, create a preset, then apply the preset to any other clips that need the same grade, its not that big a deal.  Or just copy and paste the grading from one to the others.  
    Another option would be to start by converting the entire clip into a composite shot, then slice it up, and then convert each piece that needs effects into another comp.  The you could grade everything at once in the first comp you created, or on the Editor.
    Another option would be to not slice up the clip for grading, but just use keyframes to adjust the grade at the cuts, so you can adjust the settings for each scene as required.
  • Those sound like good options. Thanks for the help.