Real-time Playback (AE vs Hitfilm comparison)

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No, this is not really a question. I just wanted to comment about how GREAT Hitfilm's playback is compared to After Effects. I loaded a .PNG image sequence at 2k into AE and with no effects was playing back at 11-12fps. Loaded the same into Hitfilm, added a 2k stock smoke, 2 chroma keys, particle lighting - not to mention had preview set to Full AI. Played back REAL time.
Great job Hitfilm guys!
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    Thanks, Landon!
    It's also worth noting that HitFilm currently doesn't do any kind of auto-downscaling during playback like AE. In a future version we're hoping to make general previewing/playback a lot cleverer, which will really help with realtime playback.
    Great to hear it's performing well on your machine!