Effects in HitFilm that are in blockbuster films!

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recently whilst watching films i have come across films and music videos that use effects that are availiable in HitFilm. particularly the light flares which seem to be a current favourite in sci-fi movies and is well overused in music videos!
whilst watching scifi like the modern star trek film, (or a load of stuff on syfy)
or the music video for LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
i see simple effects that i now find myself criticising where, pre-HitFilm I would be in awe of.
simple things like too many light rays, or inconsistent colour correction to match light flares now annoy me.
HitFilm has given me a huge new insight into the systems that modern videograpy works with.
and now i can criticise the lack of effort of CG specialists working on these films.
and for that HitFilm i thank you!
what i want this topic to be about is a list if you like, when you become aware of any films/music videos that use VFXs that are available in HitFilm, just post their names in here so people can be made aware of what films they are easily going to be able to recreate.
not only will this help n00bs get some practise (and know where to start), but it will allow more veteraned creators to know where they can realisticly aim the standards of their videos!

I'll start
- Star Trek (2009)
- LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock
- David Guetta - Little Bad Girl ft. Taio Cruz, Ludacris


  • guitar74
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    JJ Abrams and Spilberg uses way to many opicital flares in their movies!!
  • RodyPolis
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    JJ Abrams and Spilberg uses way to many opicital flares in their movies!!
    They don't use enough ;)
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    From what I've seen of hitfilm (which isn't much since my computer can't handle it), there aren't too many "Hollywood-style" effects that you can't do. Lens flares are a good example of something easily achieved in Hitfilm, but I think that with work, nearly any effect can be achieved. I may be wrong, but I don't think so. ;)
  • Grisby
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    Beside: I remember, when I was watching "Casino Royal" I determined some Effects made with VisionLab (e.g. Bond's Car driving "in the Night" some Serpentines up... if THAT wasn't made with VisionLab, I eat my Hat.)
    I agree with Matthias... there is not much (perhaps nothing), you can't do with HitFilm, especially in Combination now with PFHoe. Your Imagination is the Limit... and your HitFilm-Skills of course, but we all learn something new every Day. :-)
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    The lens flares in Star Trek weren't as easy to put on as you might think. All the flares in Star Trek were done LIVE. They weren't added in digitally. Then when your dealing with flares on camera, a lot has to be taken in to consideration , such as the proximity to camera, the angle, the type of lens on the camera. Careful precision was taken with the flares in Star Trek. I do agree with guitar74 , there were to many flares at some points in Star Trek. But the overall effect was brilliant. But when you see these music videos or Films that you may think are easy to reproduce in vision labs etc, think again. Professionals have spent a lot of hard work to achieve these effects.
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