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Hey Guys. Short question, anyone know about any good pack's or sites for sound fx? 
Yes i know about i am not happy about that site. It dosent have to bee free, ill happily pay if i could find something good, and yes i have the Pro Scores from videocopilot, does anybody know about anything else? 
Ans yes i have tryed with APM music, (the have sfx too) but since i dont live in the US i cant use their service... 


  • SimonKJones
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    Sony's sound collections are really good. Though not cheap:
  • Sony's sound collections are really good. Though not cheap:

    Thank you Simon! Brilliant 

  • Triem23
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    I have the Sony collections and they are quite good.
    However, I would recommend the Digital Juice collections over the Sony. The Digital Juice Collection is nearly as strong as the Sony, but you get a lot more FX for your money.
    If you don't need the Sound FX right away, I'd recommend keeping an eye on the Digital Juice site--they normally sell each of their four Sound FX collections for $249 (US dollars), but often will lower the price on a Sound FX collection as an enticement for one of their sales--for example, right now Digital Juice is doing a "Spend $99 on anything, get Sound FX I for $13" thing.
    Digital Juice may normally sell those for $249/each, ut I didn't pay more than $49 for any of their collections.
    Otherwise, if you want to take the time to rip your own CD's, you could always look online for Sound FX cds. There are a whole bunch of "101 Sound FX" collections out there for under $5 (US dollars again), but, over the last couple of decades, I amassed a huge collection of SFX CDs and sounds that way.
  • I find it amazing how much fun it is to create my own sound fx with a decent mic and recorder out in the field or at home. 
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    Oh, creating SFX from scratch is tons of fun! Whether starting with a microphone or a synthesizer and playing around in Sound Forge, often, that's the way I'll go on a project.
    There's often times when you just need to go to the library, tho.
    I remember a design I did for a theater when we needed the 10,000 person crowd chanting in unison--Got the entire cast together, recorded several takes of each chant, had the actors throw out "flair" lines (As I said to the director, you may have 10,000 chanting the Emperor's name, but there's going to be the few people screaming that he's a tyrant), and used varied reverbs, choruses, delays, and pitch/time shifters to thicken everything up--it sounded really good... But, in the end I ALSO went into my SFX library and pulled some crowds from sporting events to thicken things up even more.
    I was rather proud when everyone asked me what movie I'd ripped those crowds from. It sounded goood.