European Pancakes

Got bored so i made this...
It's not your ordinary cooking video... wanted to try some effects and stuff... some of the transitions are not 100% smooth but it's a learning curve and i know how to avoid them for future reference now.
Also i have a new twitter....
thanks all


  • Ambiroa
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    Dude...I love this! This is very different from the usual and it actually works pretty well in comic style. Nice!
  • Froi
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    Dude...I love this! This is very different from the usual and it actually works pretty well in comic style. Nice!

    Well thank you! I'm glad it's different, i like to be different :) and good good im glad you think the comic book style works for ya!
    thanks man

  • JoeyVFX
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    LOL. This was actually really good. Making pancakes has never been more epic.
  • NullUnit
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  • SimonKJones
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    With tighter editing and cut down to about a third of its length this could be really cool, and possibly even the basis for a series of videos. A fun idea!
  • StormyKnight
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    Good job, Froi! Love the 3D look to the comics and the "following preview" type beginning. Very clever. So did you cook some up and munch 'em down? How did they turn out?
  • KirstieT
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    I think LeadingNowhere had it about right - this is the most EPIC pancake making I've ever seen.
    After following these instructions I would be very tempted to replay the audio and stand with my spatula aloft as I surveyed my creation. 
    Very unusual. Props to you!
  • Froi
    Froi Posts: 966
    Thank you all! I'm glad to see people think it is epic! :)
    StormyKnight, thanks, the 3d comic style is pretty easy to do, but looks so cool, it's like you are looking through mini windows into a whole new world behind. When editing you could literally sit there all day moving the camera and watching the objects in the windows move as if they were really there. And yes, got a couple out of that recipe, taste so good! First time cooking pancakes myself too haha.
    Simon, by tighter editing do you mean when it comes to general cutting, or VFX (or both)? And yes, but i had to keep it that long because otherwise it would be out of sync with the music, and i thought that the starting steps managed to build up the epic feeling, then after the music KICKS IN properly (0:43) it would start to get faster with the music :) . But thanks, yes i may be making more of these soon, i am moving house at the moment so i won't be filming soon, but when ever i get the chance i will give it ago! (maybe make a series out of it too, i had that thought in the back of my mind)
    And thank you again, LeadingNoWhere, NullUnit, and Kirstie! My main reason for making videos is to entertain people! :)
  • SimonKJones
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    Well, there's the main issue: never extend your edit to fit music. The music should come afterwards. Easier said than done when you don't have a composer on hand, of course... But the drawn-out nature of the edit means that any benefits from syncing with the big moments in the music are negated by the slack pacing.
    Here's a suggestion for a little exercise:
    - Turn off the sound. Forget about the music.
    - Examine each shot. How long does each shot ACTUALLY have to be to get the information across?
    - Trim each shot down to its bare minimum, while still conveying the information. Be really, really severe and harsh in your editing choices: retain only that which is vital to tell the story (which in this case is how to make a pancake).
    Give that a go and compare the running time. Once you have that shorter edit, then you can think about the music.