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I'm working on a short Street Fighter II parody, and I'm having trouble with an essential effect that I need to accomplish. What I'm trying to do is Guile's Sonic Boom. I've tried a few methods but I can't seem to get any of them to work decently.
Method 1: I tried to have a single point move across the frame with a particle anchored to it, but off center. I then rotated the point on the vertical axis and the particle then rotates around the point as it moves across the frame. The problem is that When I add a motion blur to give it a streaky look, there is no originating "ball" for the streak to be following. If I duplicate the layer and turn off the motion blur, the blurred particle and the unblurred particle won't line up. Arrrg....
Method 2: I tried anchoring a particle emitter offset to a horizontally moving point rotating on it's vertical axis (like the other method) but then tried setting the speed from emitter to 0 and turning up the particles per sec to make a trail similar to the light streaks tutorial. I then used the lifetime settings to decrease the particle size as it died. It has the right general shape, but I can't get a smooth looking streak, no matter how high I have the particles set.
I'd be happy with a solid ball with a "energy trail" rotating around a single point because I could render that as it's own layer and move it separately but I'm at a loss and can't figure out what to do.
Thanks in advance to any and all who can help me out.
P.S. Here's the look that I'm going for... circa 1991.
[attachment=582:sonic boom.png]


  • Robin
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    I'm not sure what's going wrong with method 2, turning the particles per second up should give you a smooth streak. Anyways I just tried my hands at creating that effect:
    You can take a look at the project file here if you want: http://www.rrpictureproductions.com/files/Street%20Fighter.hfp
  • PhilWesson
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    Why not have two particle systems per blade? One could be the 'ball' section with the particles following the emitter 100%, and another being the 'tail' section that flows out from that same point?
  • Spamspam79
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    I know that it's been a while since I posted this, but thakns for chiming in. I do appreciate it. My school schedule hasn't left me any time to do the fun stuff recently. :(
    But, Robin, what was the particle count that you used? I only have Hitfilm Ultimate, not 2, so it won't open your project file.
    Phil, that approach was one of the first that I tried, but whenever I added any motion blur, the two particles would separate, and I had gaps that I couldn't control.
    Once I get some omre time, I'll put up a couple of renders so you can see what I've tried.
    Thanks again!
  • Spamspam79
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    OK, I'm not sure what I was doing wrong, but I got on and tried something similar to what I had done in option #2 above, and it worked fine, I rendered what  made in about 3 minutes. this is just a test, but it looks ok as a starting point, now to get the glow and look just right.
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