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Hello everybody and welcome to InvertedSkyTower, my name is Alex and today I am asking you to help my channel grow. I only have 19 subscribers as of this post and I hope that you will subscribe as well.
My Channel:
My Latest Video:
(There should be a custom thumbnail, DAMN YOU YOUTUBE)
I am only doing one video a week at the moment because I have a lot of college work to do headbang.gif. But I hope that well change in a couple of weeks. Please comment, like, favourite and subscribe. rolleyes.png
Thanks a lot,


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    Sadly I doubt your Let's Play video will gain much exposure here due to the majority of users preferring film/short films/sketches, etc. I could be wrong though, but this is a subject I rarely see when I lurk the forums.
    However as a user that has tried his own Let's Play's I did give this a watch. Sadly I'm not a huge fan of gaming videos that are repetitive reaching past the 10 minute mark. It just tends to let my attention span run wild! If you've ever heard of SeaNanners I prefer his style of gaming videos, segments of the best parts of his games split into a short 5 minute video.
    As for your video though, the FPS seemed a bit jumpy, but otherwise bearable. I'd recommend adding more character to your commentary however, there's nothing worse than listening to someone talk in a monotonous way for 15 minutes about what's happening on the screen! Otherwise, it wasn't too bad, try various methods of commentary and games to play and you'll find what works, and what doesn't. 
    I hope you keep working on videos though, the biggest need in YouTube channel creation is indeed, scheduling. I tried to upload a video every week but couldn't find the time to record so I've kind of dropped my gaming channel and just stick to my main channel now.
    Best of luck!
  • Thanks for the feed back. I did think posting it here was a bit of a stretch but you need to advertise somewhere. As for actual short films I am planning to do them because as well as games I am a fan of making films. I will also try out the shorter videos that you suggested and see what works. But again thanks for the feedback. :)