3D Camera/Camcorder Advice

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I was looking for some advice on a 3D camera/Camcorder. I know its not for everyone, but I was looking for a camera that when playback it is using a polarization system, so can be played back on a tv and DVD. I saw a few cameras, but anyone got any advice on this, be Appericated for anyone that can help. I'm not spending over $300.00 dollars and this is a trial for me right now, so I'm keeping it cheap. I've seen a few, but maybe someone outt here has found a better one in the past. Thanks


  • Aculag
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    I'm not sure advice will help much if you're not looking to spend more than $300. There can't be a very broad range of options in that price range... Furthermore, anything in that range is going to be a cheap camera with some kind of cheap 3D feature tacked onto it, so you're not exactly going to get amazing quality from anything you choose.
    The solution here seems very simple: get the cheapest one you can find.
  • MichaelJames
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    There is 1 suggested. The HTC 3D EVO. That's the only camcorder that will record in 3d that you can get for 300
  • Robin
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    What the other two said, and just to add about the playback: The video either is proper 3D or it is not (and by proper I mean any format that contains a separate image stream for each eye, not two different colored-pictures shifted over each other), and if it is in a proper 3D format you can play it on any 3D device, no matter if it uses polarization, active shutter or any other technology.