Sony Movie Studio -> Hitfilm -> Mocha

Grisby Posts: 299 Just Starting Out*
Hi there,
it's still not fixed the Problem, that Mocha takes the Files used in Hitfilm.
I cut a Video in Sony, want to include a 3D-Object in a Piece of Film and for that i need to resolve the Camera in Mocha... what does not work, cause Mocha does not automatically takes the Movie-File... But WHAT Movie-File Hitfilm uses in that Moment (cause i think its a special Sony-made-File for that Case) I dont know.
We mentioned that Problem from the Beginning of Version 2 on - it should finally get fixed soon - sorry, but these are Essentials, i anger about...
My Fix now (what costs some Quality): rendering out the Movie from Sony, and importing to Hitfilm... GREAT, THANKS. THAT Way i could have used another Cut-Program too and would not had to buy the new Sony-Version. That Way i should have done the VFX first, cause now some cut Scenes has to be resolved twice...
Please tell the Imagineer-Guys, they have to think about us Hitfilm-Users too.