DIVINITY Web series, episode 1

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Hey everyone,
While this wasn't specifically made with Hitfilm, the director is just like us, in that he's self taught, and is creating for the sake of creating. He happens to be a great friend of mine, so I thought I'd throw this here. This is the first episode out of 7 (from episode 3 on, they're 10 minutes each).


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    I like a lot of this. The ballsiness of the opening, with a character inexplicably falling out of the sky and surviving, is very cool. The VFX are pretty good - the splashdown shot in particular works very nicely.
    I thought it was a shame that the shots of the guy reading against the tree were wobbly and hand-held. It felt like a steady tripod or slowly dollying shot would have worked brilliantly, juxtaposed against the frenzied (and appropriate) shakey-cam of the fall through the sky.
    I'd also say that the ending with the apple isn't as enticing as it seems to think it is. Perhaps there's religious significance there that simply isn't working on me? It felt like it was making a big point but I wasn't sure what it was.
    Overall, decent stuff but I do wish there'd been a bit more story development. As it is, the man-falling-out-of-the-sky gag is enough to make me want to watch more, but there's not very much to get my teeth into just yet.
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    Totally understandable (and as I've seen the next few episodes), I can say that it pays off.
    Yes, with the fact that it's only three minutes, it begs for more explanation to hook someone. Stick with it, as it definitely pays off.
    Interesting thought about the juxtaposition of a smooth dolly shot vs the chaotic falling shots.