Duncan Jones to direct World of Warcraft movie??

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OK, didn't see this one coming. Duncan Jones' next film will supposedly be a Warcraft movie, based on Blizzard's game franchise.
Can't help but feel slightly disappointed by this news - Moon and Source Code are fantastic sci-fi short stories and I'd love to see him continue to work with that kind of material (not necessarily sci-fi, but with deep, interesting concepts) rather than going down a generic fantasy action adventure route.
Having said that, the animated cut-scenes from the Warcraft games have always been the best things about them. Though I can't help but feel that transposed to a movie setting its hodge-podge of 'influences' and cod-Tolkien-Warhammer stylings will come across as a little derivative.


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    I was hoping he would be working on whatever it was that the sequel to Moon was going to be. Back then it sounded like he had big plans for his own ideas, and now, not so much. Very disappointing, actually. Why does the world need a Warcraft movie? What's the point? Oh right, money.
    I love both of Jones' previous films, but I can't say I'm excited about this at all. Maybe if there had ever been a good video game movie, I would feel differently. But there hasn't. And I can't imagine that a movie based on a video game with a derivative fantasy setting will be any different. Damn shame.
  • Im quite glad to of finally kicked my ten year MMO habbit and for me The Warcraft franchise wouldnt make a very intresting movie, unless prehaps they focused on the leader of The Orcs. If they went down the generic human heavy. Humans as good guys route it would be terrible

    Moon was a great film I watched it without knowing about it before hand and really enjoyed it.

    I do like the trailer though. Im not sure this forum is the place for gaminng discussion but there are a lot of fantastic gaming/cut scences out there and would be interesting to have a thread showing peoples favourites.
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    Yeah, all of the Warcraft cut-scenes are stunning. And the Warcraft lore is entertaining and gives the games much-needed context - I remember being very engaged by Warcraft 3's story. In that case it was excellent storytelling, rather than originality, that made it work. In a gaming context it raised the games up. But transposed to movies...unless they change it massively (in which case why bother calling it Warcraft?), I can't help but worry that it'll seem silly or generic.
    On the one hand I'm disappointed Jones is doing this rather than a project of his own. On the other hand, Jones being involved is the only reason I'm vaguely interested in a Warcraft movie. Conflicting emotions!
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    After the success of the Doom, Tomb Raider and Hitman films, I can see why they want to make this movie... actually, it does sound better than the upcoming movie based on Angry Birds.
    Waste of Duncan Jones IMHO, he was doing so well.
  • Well, let's not rush out and assume that the film is going to be derivative or generic. WOW could be used as a generic setting to a truly interesting story. Why jump the gun and not give the producers and director a chance? Just sayin'...
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    Oh definitely - and I doubt Duncan Moon would be doing it if he wasn't excited by the story potential, given his previous work.
    There's definitely room within the setting to tell some great stories. But WoW has always excelled in the visual arena rather than the story arena. I'd actually quite like to see a fully animated WoW movie, rather than live action, so that they can really go to town with the visual side.
  • I love the visuals of this trailer:

    What do you guys think if they made the WoW movie like this?
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    That is one seriously impressive trailer. Love the inventiveness of the action in that - the scale is breathtaking. I'm frequently surprised that the scale and invention seen in computer game trailers/cut-scenes hasn't really translated over into movies.