Contour Shuttle Pro template

downunder Posts: 14 Enthusiast
Just to give you a heads up for anyone using the awsome Contour Shuttle Pro they have just posted the template settings for Hitfilm Ultimate 2


  • SimonKJones
    SimonKJones Posts: 4,448 Enthusiast
    That's rather awesome. Had no idea they were doing that. While we don't officially support the Shuttle, I'm pleased to see it works pretty well. The only thing lacking currently is the variable shuttle speed. I wonder if that's something we can look into for a future version?
    I rather like the way they've assigned the various buttons to make specific use of HitFilm's UI. Good stuff!
  • Thanks - does the basic stuff I need. I've had a shuttle pro 1 for at least 10 years (I bought used on ebay before there was even a 2) across at least 4 NLEs. Good to see it works in HFU2.