Which HF server exe's use GPU?

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I decided to upgrade from Vegas studio 11 to Vegas Pro 12 (Edit). I could have just gone with Studio 12 for HF integration, but I went with the Pro for other reasons.
Since my system has dual GPU's, and I have to tell it which programs should use the faster one, to improve performance, I need to tell it about any programs used for the HF integration.
Besides HitFilmUltimate.exe, there are a number of other executables in the HF directory.
I setup HitFilmServer.exe, FXMediaQTServer.exe and Skyway_Guard.exe to all use the faster GPU, though I'm guessing not all need to be.
Can y'all tell me which programs are involved in the Vegas/HF integration that might need to use the better GPU?
Are there any for Vegas that y'all know of, besides vegas120.exe, that might be used for the integration?
I did get better results after changing the above mentioned three, but the performance in Vegas is still not as fast as when playing in HF itself. This doesn't bother me too much since I can use a proxy from Vegas, but hey, never hurts to ask :) I do like the idea of when I render from Vegas, I know I'm getting the most recent changes to my HF projects.


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    HitFilmUltimate.exe and HitFilmServer.exe are the ones to set for your faster GPU to use. That covers both the HitFilm application and the integration with Vegas/Movie Studio.
    You don't need to worry about FXMediaQTServer.exe or Skyway_Guard.exe.
    Rendering the .hfp inside Vegas/Movie Studio requires a little bit of overhead, which is why it won't be equal to what you get in HitFilm. But it should be a small overhead.
  • rgbii
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    Hendo, thanks for the info. I'm not sure why, but I'm not seeing a small slowdown due to overhead, it's much more than that.
    Playing the original clip in Vegas, it shows to be playing at 23.976 FPS as it should. Looking at TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.6.4, my GPU load is about 7%.
    From Vegas, using the "Edit in Hitfilm" option, I send the clip to HF.
    In HF, It plays just fine, using about 11-12% of the GPU. No effects have been added. I just hit save, then close HF.
    Playing it back in Vegas, Vegas says it's playing at about 10 FPS and GPU load is about 18-19%
    Again, this is with no effects at all added in HF.
    If I go back into HF (from Vegas), make a composite and add the new rain effect, it plays just fine in HF both as a composite and in the editor, and the GPU goes up to about 17% in the editor. Saving then closing HF, then playing the clip in Vegas, Vegas shows it to be playing at about 7 FPS, and the GPU load is varying between 22-27%.
    CPU is no where near peaked during any of this, and the GPU isn't overly taxed either.
    Any suggestions on improving this?
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