F15 fly-by vfx test (Heat Haze)

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Good evening everybody,
I tried to do a F15 fly-by short.

For me as a ... how to say ... HF-part-time-user it is always a challenge to work with HFU. Working now with 3D models is fantastic but nevertheless it is for me sometimes hard to understand how it works in combination with all the HF features. Due to this many thanks to Robin for supporting me :)
Btw: A heat-haze-effect tutorial would be highly appreciated ...


  • SimonKJones
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    Cool. The best bit here is right at the end, as it drifts out to the right of frame. It looks most natural at that point. The animation on the rest is a bit wiggly, so doesn't really feel like the natural movements of a free-flying object.
    The actual compositing is pretty good, though - which is why at the end when the animation settles down, it looks really good.
    I'd suggest taking a look at some real plane footage, or maybe some shots from Top Gun, and trying to directly copy a few of those. That'll help to get more natural animation and camera movements.
  • Nuwanda
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    Hi Simon,
    will do so for sure, searching YT 1st for some fly-by-scenes of real jet fighter aircrafts.
    TOP GUN will be on my list asap - love to see a movie from the 80thies again.
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