Flesh texture, anyone?

i am cutting a person in 2, and i need some texture to put there the gets chopped in 2, hope you understand.
Sorry for bad English.


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    If your using a 3D animation program like DAZ or Poser its simply to have 2 copies of your figure, the lower part hip and down and a upper part booth made transparent. The top figure transprarent down and the other part vise versa. Stick them togheter. Now drive a sword or anything else tru the animated figure and make it part in a realistic way.
    Now you have 2 "holes" non textured on the body the top of the waist and the lower part of the chest/hip. Find a sutiable texture on the internet cut be anything from an operation to a picture of a brain, you can even use a picture editor to improve the texture adding bones and so.
    Create an simple object a cylinder or a cone make it fit the hole on the bodies, ad your texture on the object, and viola the inner has a visible bloody suface. You might need to use one or 2 D-formers to make the object fit proper.

    If your using HF a solution might be like this :
    Find a suitable picture of the inner human guts or anything else bloddy who might look convising. Get the pic into HF and make a composit shoot and 3D. Place it over the the body part who are cut and visible, make a mask and fit it to the body part, use feather "IN" "OUT" as needed on the mask a bit, and track it if the body moves.
    I hope it will help you. And it make sense
    The picture is a Pre-render for a war movie i work on, it shows a amputated leg where i did it in DAZ. The texture on the bloddy leg is infact a real brain pic. I just added some minor details and a bone sticking out (an object/cylinder)
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    I found that pizza makes a really good gut material.