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Okay, here is my problem… :-?
I want to be able to shoot in super wide screen (2.66:1), however I can not afford (or find) any anamorphic lenses (I also hear that they are very hard to use by one person who is not experienced with large camera rigs) :wacko: . Is there any other way (or type of lens) that will give me a super wind screen? I have heard of cinema primes, what are these for? If anyone can answer these questions, I would be most grateful. :)


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    What kind of camera are you using?
    Obviously the easiest and most affordable way is to crop your footage down in post-production. If you plan on doing this, try taping some thick paper across the top and bottom of your viewfinder, to change its aspect ratio to 2.66:1 or whatever you decide to use. This will make framing much easier, so you can easily crop it down later on. You could just use tape, but you want to make sure you don't damage your LCD, so if you do, change the tape every day. Using paper allows you to just tape it to the frame around the LCD, rather than to the screen itself.
  • The Crop method as Axel mentioned is your best bet, you might not get full resolution via that method but it's easier and will save to lots of money and time.
    I attempted to use an anamorphic projector lens for a short last year, I used the clamping method, but it was both impractically bulky, heavy and imposible to keep focus (in my tests anyway). Unfortunately I don't have a picture of just how comically ridiculous my 5D looked with a 70-300 zoom lens and a Big heavy duty Mollor Anamorphic projector lens attached together, impractical and front heavy.
    People have managed to use them with DSLR cameras but the Panasonic GH cameras seem to work best from what i can gather. You can find them on ebay sometimes but they vary in price (think £600 +). When I researched the topic I found the best way of getting the Anamorphic style is using the AG-7200 adapter but unfortunately these are no longer available, you may find the odd one going secondhand but they are rare and also in the £600 + price range.
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    Thanks guys! :D I use a Sony vg20 which records in 16:9 at full HD.
    I really love the letterbox effect; however would using a wide lens and then cropping it in post have the desired effect I am looking for? :huh: I know people use anamorphic lenses for the flares and the way it blurs lights, but I just want to shoot in super wide screen. :(
    P.S. Does anyone even make anamorphic lenses anymore? 8-|
  • It will definitely give you a wider look to your footage; I'm not too familiar with Sony Lenses, and I don't know what lens cam with your camera. I understand the Sony vg20 is an Interchangeable Lens camcorder, so you should be about to find a E series lens with a focal length of 18mm, that will give you the Wide look, but anything in the 10mm - 35mm region is considered Wide.
    Check it out on google and see what you find.