Surveillance (sci fi short film)

Here is our new sci fi video. As usual, we had fun and learned a lot making this. We always appreciate your comments and criticism.


  • MatthiasClaflin
    MatthiasClaflin Posts: 674 Just Starting Out
    My biggest criticism of this particular short here is the shakiness of the pan down from the building at about 0:25. I think that was the biggest technical downfall. Some of the shots were out of focus too, which was a bit distracting. It could have been done for style but, imo, it didn't work out that way. To me it just looked distracting. Other than that, the sound was pretty good, the overall composition was pretty good. The pacing was alright. Overall a pretty decent piece of work.
  • Some of the shaky and out of focus shots were left in intentionally. We had hoped they would convey a sense of paranoia; sorry if it didn't work out.
  • I was pretty disappointed in all the shots I did, them being blurry and all. And I think this might of turned out a little better if we hadn't go harasser so much while filming, crazy drink people and the lot. Good thing about it was I lost about 10 lbs. The hoodie I grabbed was down and I did A Lot of running in it that night, for reasons. Bottom line I'm fat and I need to work on my camera work.