Random Footage Request

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Hi all,
I do a fair bit of 3d VFX work (can been seen in my thread here: http://community.hitfilm.com/index.php?/topic/2273-intheflesh-vfx), tutorials (here on my youtube: and even worked on the Fxhome community film "Fracture" (my imdb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4516506/)
Unfortunately I live on a rural property quite a fair bit away from my friends, so with only me operating the camera and not owning a green screen I'm severely limited by what I can film.
So I'm putting a call out for any footage you may be able to supply that I can use for vfx shots and tutorials. Of course, being on youtube I'm not doing this for profit and you would retain all rights to the footage, you will be credited anywhere I can and your website/youtube/twitter/facebook will be advertised during the tutorial. You can also use any of the work I do with the footage in your work.
Things I'm looking for:
Establishing shots which could have set extensions/matte paintings
Greenscreen/Bluescreen footage
Anything that could have vfx added
Quality doesn't matter all that much, just preferably 720p minimum.
I can provide anyone interested in helping out with a FTP login for my web space to upload so you don't have to go looking for places to host the files for you.
The tutorials will use a combination of programs, including but not limited to:
[*]3ds Max (Fumefx, Afterburn, Rayfire, Krakatoa, Particle Flow, Vray)
[*]Syntheyes and/or PFHoe
[*]After Effects
[*]Nuke (on occasion)
Hopefully this sparks some interest, so feel free to reply here, message me or email at the address in my signature :)