Message ERROR

Froi Posts: 966
Hi, i can't compose a new message, every time i try to write one it says there is an ERROR


  • duffman
    duffman Posts: 235 Enthusiast
    I had that happen the other day. Then I noticed you are limited to "so many messages during so much time". You have to wait a certain amount of time between sends.
    My guess is, that is to keep the SPAM BOTS from working.
  • DanielGWood
    DanielGWood Posts: 1,018 Just Starting Out
    Hey Flexhi, can you tell us the precise error message?
    duffman is quite right, there is a limit on how many messages you can send within a time period, and this is anti-spam behaviour enforced by the forums. I have to check though, since there are also a load of other error messages :)
  • Froi
    Froi Posts: 966
    hmm, i can now send messages, so i can't say the specific error, but i haven't sent many messages in the past few days, so i don't know why it wouldn't let me send any more.
    But next time it happens, i will try to screen shot it and send it to you Daniel. :)
  • DanielGWood
    DanielGWood Posts: 1,018 Just Starting Out