Enterprise Flyby VFX Test

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It's not as good as it was in my head, but that's always the case. šŸ˜€

I'd be interested in thoughts about things to improve for projects/tests in the future.

Thank you in advance.


  • pbattersby
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    It's an Enterprise fly-by. I'm pretty much guaranteed to like it.

    How to improve it? I'm not sure if it's the lighting, or the focus or image of the Enterprise itself isn't quite as realistic as the surroundings, but I still like it.

  • triforcefx
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    Not bad! I've learned that flybys can be difficult to make look good, although this attempt does a pretty good job.

    The tree masking is also pretty decent! I'm assuming you just blue keyed the sky?

    As far as potential improvements... the Enterprise could be a little more "washed out" color-wise. Drop the saturation and contrast a bit, then figure out a way to add a bit of a "haze".

    You might also consider a sky replacement. Pure blue is good for keying, but not as nice for visual interest.

  • iamkhanproductions
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    Nice. Now try it with active camera and motion tracking.

  • tddavis
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    I especially like that you see movement through the trees before the 'E' comes out from behind. šŸ––

  • GrayMotion
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    I'd be interested in thoughts about things to improve for projects/tests in the future.

    • Re-check your keying. The Enterprise is ghosting thru the tree.
    • Check the lighting. Put Key light more to right and lower on the horizon. Try to match Sun angle. Use Ambient light and try to match the sky color...slightly blue. Turn power down to around 3 - 6% . Key light power to maybe 80% depending on what effect the environment map has on the material.
    • 3D model. Turn diffuse color to a slight grey. Slight. Maybe 180 180 180. Play with materials of the model. I'll attach a setup I use for a "metal" for reference. Experiment. See below
    • Use background plate as Environment map. See below
    • Color grading the model. Use Hue & Saturation and Curves or; maybe start with Bleach bypass then go from there with Curves. Experiment.

    Great start šŸ‘

    There is more to it but this will get you started. After you dial the model in then you can use Effects like Light Wrap, Angel blur, Diffuse, and Sharpen to get a final blend of the model to the environment. Experiment. Experiment.

    Contemplate this: The original Star ship was 289.7 meters. JJ Abrams Starships are estimated to be 2,400 meters. I've learnt to make sure to consider size of an object vs. real life objects. It has help me a lot.

    For a more deep dive on shaders and materials in Hitfilm take a look at this video. Very insightful.

  • Stargazer54
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    @GrayMotion Good stuff!

    I agree with washing out the Enterprise to give it some distance and depth in the shot. But what gives the effect away is the edge of the tree foilage against the sky. Before the E comes into view the edges are soft. But when the E passes behind the trees the edges become sharper. Try adding a little blur to the tree foliage. That and tweaking the distance and scale of the E should help.

  • Andy001z
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    Looks great, nice start. Keep going looking really nice, what about motion blur?

  • DaysOfDice
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    Thank you for all of the encouragement and the tips!

    3D model integration is something that has always been a fascination to me and Iā€™m in awe of those who do it really well.

    I will be looking at all of the suggestions here and investigating them further. I really appreciate the time taken to point out those things that I can focus on to make my work better.