The old BBC Countdown, made in Hitfilm Pro (my first use of the „Tile” effect)

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Hi, all!

After the BBC News Ident, I thought the BBC Countdown might be a good next step in playing around with Hitfilm compositing.

So, here it is:

This is my first attempt to use the „Tile” effect.


  • Andy001z
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    Wow looking good. I have to ask, are you a bit of a fan of BBC Idents? or is this just a area of VFX that you are keen to get into professionally?

  • GabrielTudor
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    I was a bit of a fan of BBC and TV graphics in general. Since I was a kid I watched BBC World and imagined one day I would be just like one of those presenters. For almost 3 years, I did present live TV news, here in Bucharest, Romania, then I switched to radio, a field that I spent most of my 19 years of doing journalism. I ended this career in March, this year, due to health issues. Unfortunately, the ongoing stress of being live every day at every top/half of the hour takes it's toll. At the moment, I'm working for an NGO ( that raises funds for children and adults diagnosed with severe conditions, who can't afford paying for treatment/surgery etc.

    The BBC visuals are very appealing to the eye although they're not busy (loaded with elements, especially 3D) like those of other TV stations, so it's fun to play around with this type of editing/compositing.

    For me editing/compositing in Hitfilm is a way to relax, to destress, just as making pastry and all sorts of baking goodies is (you can see some here:

  • Andy001z
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    I agree with your last statement, I find it a way to relax.