Upgrade or buy new license?

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I have HitFilm Pro 14 registered 15th of January 2019, the last downloadable version for me is 14.1.9605 released on 11th of Dec 2019. What is the most cost-effective path for me, pay for an upgrade to the latest or buy a separate license of the latest HitFilm Pro 2021.3?


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    Hello @Sophia

    Currently, you have 2 options for buying HitFilm Pro:

    1. You can purchase a subscription plan to HitFilm Pro. The best price is the annual plan at about $150/year (though if you get it right now, you’ll pay even less!). The subscription plans renew automatically every month or year (depending on if you chose an annual or monthly plan) but if you choose not to renew your subscription, you will lose access to HitFilm Pro and automatically revert to HitFilm Free at the end of your subscription period. If you always want access to the latest and greatest version of HitFilm, or if you plan on renewing every year or every other year anyways, the subscription plan is a no-brainer cost-wise! You’ll also get access to Imerge Pro and 100s of free assets in the form of music, sound effects, and templates from Artlist- all included in your subscription!
    2. Get a Perpetual License. Since you previously owned HitFilm Pro, you should be eligible for an upgrade discount. Login to your account on the store page and if you see the option for an upgrade license, you are eligible! This upgrade will give you access to the latest version of HitFilm Pro and 12 months of updates, same as before! You will not have access to the Artlist assets or Imerge, but you will keep your license to HitFilm Pro forever and will be able to continue using your latest version without needing to pay again. I’ve done the math, and if you only want/need to upgrade your license every 3 years or less, then the perpetual license is a great option!

    The perpetual license can be found here:


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    @triforcefx you've done a great breakdown, but I have an additional note.

    Last time I checked (last week) there was what I consider a Glitch on the FXhome store - if you are eligible for a discounted upgrade this price shows as the "new" price as well.

    Cost of a new license is $399 (I had to log out to see this), while my renewal shows as $250.

    Basically, if you log in and see new and renewal/upgrade licenses at the same price you're already seeing your discount. You might want to add that to your summary next time you tackle this question. 👍

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    Thanks, everyone for the detailed answer. To be honest, I don't need all the new bells and whistles on the new HitFilm Pro. All I needed was the option to use MKV files directly on my HFP because my current version (HFP14) doesn't allow that. With regards to using free assets, I'm a bit cautious with that, I don't want something that would bite me in the future. But if those free assets are really royalty-free, perhaps I could use some. I make my own BGMs using Studio One Pro and my Youtube channel is mostly about 3D Modelling using Blender. To be honest, I only use HFP for merging my videos. Most of the heavy lifting is already done on Blender, even the camera tracking and compositing.

    My workflow starts with recording a video using OBS to record my camera, then sending the MKV files from OBS into FFmpeg, and then merging the OBS camera recording, desktop recording, and whatever I generated from Blender. Everything is fine but I kinda want to remove the extra process of conversion with FFmpeg. Now, if there is an upgrade option for me to enable MKV files directly on my HFP, that would be great!

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    @Sophia the new Hitfiilm hasn't added new codec support for MKV, but you're overlooking that OBS can remux its own MKV recordings to MP4 and can do it in seconds. Literally. I've had OBS remux 90 minute MKV to MP4 in under 30 seconds on a laptop with an RTX 2060. Way faster than FFMpeg and without opening other software.

    In fact, newer versions of OBS can be set to record MKV but auto remux to MP4 on end of recording!

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    The big problem with MKV is that it is pretty much always a variable frame rate container format. As I have seen it, a 1ms timebase is always used. So only frame rates that result in an integral ms frame duration can be constant frame rate. Things like 25 and 50 fps. Others no. Hitfilm attempts to handle VFR but often butchers the result, and then there is performance with VFR (possible seek implementation, who knows).

    OBS can auto remux an MKV, but that MP4 will likely be VFR. Now that VFR will be of what I call the pattern VFR. It is strictly perfect CFR at pattern boundaries (like 2, 3 or 4 frames). Only frames within the boundaries will be out of a true CFR sync, and then only just a very small amount. Hitfilm may be less likely to butcher that due to the true sync at the pattern boundaries.

    OBS and ffmpeg will remux at the same speed and it has nothing to do with GPU or really even CPU speed. Heck, OBS is using the ffmpeg core libraries to do such tasks.

    If you want true CFR from OBS, at any frame rate, then output to an MP4 container. Many seem to have problems with machine/software crashing, or maybe the recording is basically a one off so therefore kinda priceless in nature. On can have OBS output a fragmented MP4. MKV files are basically always fragmented by default. The, not lose a recording if a crash happens, "feature" attributed to MKV is because the file is fragmented/segmented. You always lose the last fragment/segment but the others(previous) have been safely written. What the length of a file fragment/segment is set to is typically not offered by most software. Even OBS.

    You can have OBS output a fragmented MP4 file. It will be CFR and if your system goes belly up then only the last fragment is lost. Most software including Hitfilm does support fragmented MP4 files. There may be a performance load time, or seek time reduction. Depends on how the the app is written. One can remux the fragmented file to a non fragmented file. OBS has never made it easy to generate fragmented MP4 files. Who knows why. One has to enter a custom muxer command into the settings. For example, here is a command that sets a 30 second fragment duration. "movflags=empty_moov frag_duration=30M". Don't worry about the use of mov in these commands. MOV and MP4 containers are the same thing. ffmpeg libraries just use same options for MOV and MP4 containers. If OBS is set to output MP4 or MOV containers these muxer commands work for both.

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    Is there a way to explore the content of the subscription? I would prefer to buy HitFilmPro future upgrades (I currently own HitFilmPro). But I want templates for HitFilmPro as they are developed. (They are currently hard to come by.) I don't know how good the content is on Artlist for HitFilmPro templates. I want to know how good these templates are. I am hoping there is a way to look at them without having to subscribe.

    I already subscribe to Elements.Envato (has After Effects and DaVinci Resole Templates and Macros), Vecteezy, and MotionArray (an Artlist company I believe) and I have subscribed to StoryBlocks and like their After Effects content. There was another company I am also considering which also has a lot of Davinci Resolve Templates. However I do not want to get locked into any subscription. I need more content. Part of me is wanting the subscription to HitFilmPro AND to keep my perpetual license going. I don't know if that is possible or not. I bet it doesn't work that way. But I could install it in a Virtual Machine and get multiple licenses 1) 1 perpetual (I already have and keep it upgraded), 2) 1 subscription. But I don't know if I will like the content of the templates or not.

    Right now, outside of Adobe Premier / After Affects, excluding Apple Motion or whatever its called and few other apple type software (I use PC), I think that Davinci Resolve has the most templates and Macros. I am hoping I don't have to keep subscribing to Adobe. I have Davinci Resolve, Magix Vegas Post, and HitFilmPro, and Adobe AfterEffects/Premier. I also use Video Copilot Element 3D. Anyways I want to be able to make the best cool videos without being locked into any subscription - but subscribe to get content. Right now I think each of these products have pros and cons: 1) HitFilmPro, 2) Vegas Post, 3) Davinci Resolve, 4) Adobe AfterEffects/Premier. But I almost have to have all of them - because I don't want to miss out on features. Since I also do graphics editing and need Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator that makes my situation hard. I mainly use Corel Graphics Suite my my editing, but I also use Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher and PhotoShop/Illustrator. If I can continue to afford it I am almost locked into Adobe. But I barely use PhotoShop or Illustrator because I know Corel much better. So I have a learning curve nightmare - too much to learn. Its not a simple matter for me. For me a lot of what I need centers around getting high level content media and having perpetual licenses. I want to use the software even if I have no money to spend on subscriptions.