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Not sure if anyone else is having this issue. But have been wondering why I have not been getting email notifications from threads that I am following. Well I found out why, Gmail has auto flagged those emails as spam and with a bright yellow warning stating that they can not verify that the email is in fact from FXhome or not. No matter how many times I mark those email notifications as "not spam" they still get auto flagged as spam.

I never bother even looking at the spam folder I just delete all and move on. So no idea how many additional FXhome email notifications I have possibly deleted. Not sure if this is something to do with the merge or what and the email is no longer coming from the origin that it used to before the merge.

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  • FlyingBanana78
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    Here is what I am talking about.

  • philipwesson
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    Thanks @FlyingBanana78 we're looking into this now!

  • FlyingBanana78
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    Guess there is still no progress on Gmail flagging emails as spam. Well I suppose I will just have to continue looking through my spam folder as that is where they are still going.

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    @KirstieT seems this is still a thing, all my mail from you guys goes to spam.

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    I'm going to take my best guess on why this is happening...

    The forums is hosted via a Vanilla domain name and then a domain redirect is being pointed to This is breaking SFP, DKIM and DMARC tools. If you don't know what these are might I suggest you educate yourselves a bit.

    Gmail is not the only one flagging the domain as phishing domain. I use a secure service called ProtonMail and their system also flags the emails sent from the forums as a spoofing or phishing attack.

    Since FXHome has launched their new product line might I suggest you get on this and fix it. New users wont even see emails from the forums unless they check spam folder.

    IE - a spam folder is for emails you don't want to see...if it lands in spam it might as well never have been sent. This isn't 2010 rather it's 2022. I dont even look at spam folders...just delete the content. That is what a spam folder is for...out of site out of mind.


  • KirstieT
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    Thanks for the update here everyone - we are finding that this is an ongoing issue that we're having trouble fixing. We are moving to a new email system imminently so we hope that this will have a positive impact. We'll keep you posted and so sorry for the inconvenience!