FXHome Hitfilm as alternative for After Effects?

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for an alternative for all things Adobe. For the most part I have found good substitutes, except for After Effects. I have been looking at Hitfilm Pro because it looks like it works just like AFX, but I have never met anyone who uses it.

Do you have any experience using this?

PS: I'm aware of Nuke, Fusion and Natron, but for some stuff I like After Effects way more.


  • Andy001z
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    I guess it very much depends on what kind of stuff you do it want to do in AE to be able to compare with Hitfilm.

    A couple of big differences are the use of the expressions in AE and the large amount of plug inns. Other than that it is now very similar.

  • Stargazer54
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    @meliodes HF is a very cost effective substitute for AE. And you buy it, not rent it as in the Adobe subscription model. Once you purchase the Pro version you own and and can run it forever. (There is also a free version called HF Express that can do most everything the Pro version can do on a basic level. Advanced features can be purchased ala carte as add-ons)

    But as Andy said HF does not support expressions at this time.

    I would suggest reviewing some tutorials on the FXHome site to get a feel for what HF can do. You can find those here: https://fxhome.com/video-tutorials#/

    Also a free demo version of HF Pro can be downloaded here:

    You get to try all the features, but will have a bug in the rendered output file.

  • Gelqone
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    Here you can see what can be done with HitFilm Pro:

    Whole stuff is made in HitFilm Pro + Blender for 3D models + Titler Pro for some text animations.

  • paulharden
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    It's been a year now I am trying to migrate from AE to Hitfilm Pro. HF is a joy for color grading, 3D integration and "quick&dirty" effecting, but it's a real pain for some aspects of ergonomy us AE users love: no "solo" on composite shot tracks, no audio waveform display, no nested comps timeline sync, no ALT-Drag to replace clips on tracks and many other bits and pieces needed to make a perfect clone, but we dont'want an AE clone so I suppose we must cope with these limitations. Then (but perhaps it's a hardware problem of mine), i find impossible to get a silky-smooth playback even on cached clips, and this makes working less precise.

    So to fit HF in my pipeline I usually render an uncompressed rough edit and then do all the fine-tuning cuts elsewhere.

  • Triem23
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    @paulharden some minor corrections you'll be glad to know. Layers in Comps CAN display audio waveforms. Waves are off by default, but can be turned on in a Layer's Controls.

    I suggest going into the File>Options and setting audio waves to "RMS." This tends to give larger waveforms.

  • iamkhanproductions
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    Yeah great for if you are on a budget, especially for particle simulator and 3d model add-on.

    Element 3d for after effects is crazy expensive.

  • paulharden
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    Oops! I missed that 😁

    I remember long time ago waveforms were on our wishlist.