MONOLITH part II - (3d model) (scifi)

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  • Andy001z
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    Hi, hope your for some feedback, if not is was great!


    Firstly did you using the background to wrap around the model? It looks like you have gone for a glossy / metallic look but it just comes off a bit too shiny.

    Next, it do needs a shadow to ground it in the world. With out it just looks odd. Using a mask to add a shadow or even have the object case a shadow and blend that into the video layer.

    I love the shimmer like look at the end, that works really well and personally I think should of been there from the start.

    When it arrives I am unsure how it pops in, is it meant to be dropping in, which is strongly suggested by the dust effect. For me the drop in isn't shown, it looks to much like a frame cut.

    Otherwise nice job.

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    Thanks @Andy001z that's great feedback. The model was made in blender, I added a glossy node and rendered it as gltf. Imported in hitfilm express I used material checks for environment map use as composite shot.