IPhone 13 Video color degraded

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I am trying to edit my videos which taken from my Iphone 13 pro (4k - 2160 x 3840 - HEVC - 59.99FPS). I couldn't set the same width and height in HF (I believe there is a limitation) and also the color got degrade in the exported video. Any tips to fix it ? or how do I preset the export setting?
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    Hitfilm Express has a vertical resolution limit of 2160px high (Pro has no resolution limit). Since you've shot vertical, this does mean you'll be unable to edit in full res, vertical. You'll either have to edit 1080x1920 or edit horizontally and use a third party app to rotate to vertical after render.

    Your video is probably "10-bits per pixel" Stock Express works at 8-bits/pixel.

    The Color: Starter, Color: Correction, 3D Model, and Color: Scopes add ons all enable 16-bit color editing which reads the full 10-bit range. Most economic option is the "Pay What you Want Starter Pack" which is $9 on the linked page below. That's Color: Starter and two other add ons. Since Color: Starter is $9.99 alone, the PWYW pack is the way to go.

    With the add on installed, in your New Project settings you'll want to go to the Advanced tab and change color depth from 8 to 16 bit.