How do I access my paid add-ons?

NicoleLearner Posts: 3 Just Starting Out*

I recently started using Hitfilm Express on a new laptop. Before I installed the software, I made sure to deactivate Hitfilm on my old PC and fully uninstall it. I purchased a few add-ons from before, but now on my new laptop I cannot access them. I've tried re-installing the software, but it's still suggesting that I pay for the add-ons. When I click the "add-on" link it takes me to the Hitfilm website where it says I already own it.

Anyone, know what I'm missing here?



  • triforcefx
    triforcefx United StatesPosts: 1,578 Moderator

    Ensure you’re using the same account you made the purchases from to activate HitFilm. You may also try deactivating the software within HitFilm, Reactivating HitFilm, then restarting HitFilm (restarting the computer may also help)