Realistic Embers | Hitfilm Tutorial

the_dw_ Posts: 8 Enthusiast

Hey there!

Recently did a tutorial, showcasing how you can create realistic ember & particle-based effects, take a look!🙂


  • Triem23
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    I've commented at length on other social media outlets, so I'll just say here this is an excellent tutorial full of great tips. Give it a watch and subscribe.

    @the_dw_ I cleaned up your initial post so the tutorial is properly embedded.

  • Andy001z
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    Agreed really nice tutorial, made me go back and have another play with the deflectors. Q, have you found that it is best to have multiple emitters per particle SIM, or multiple particle Sims?

  • Triem23
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    @Andy001z where possible, multiple emitters per sim layer. First, it'll calculate faster as a single layer, secondly, two emitters on the same layer properly occlude each other without resorting to Depth Layer or 3D Unrolled trickery.